Curricula Choices

How Do I Find Curriculum?

You can purchase curriculum for your homeschool online, at a local store or at a conference (saving shipping costs). North Carolina has some great resources for educational materials and even curricula that is designed specifically for home education programs. The lists here are separated by categories or by counties where a physical store is located whenever possible.

If you know of a store location that is not listed here, please message me so I can add it. I don’t want to leave anyone out and the purpose of the website is to connect homeschoolers in NC with resources that will enable them to give their kids a great education at home, so  I will be glad to include your store or resource on the site if it will benefit North Carolina homeschooling families.

Some websites you may want to check out with reviews, information about learning styles and homeschool philosophies include:

  • Cathy Duffy Reviews – a website to help you choose curriculum with detailed reviews and some information on applying your choices to your child’s learning styles and your won educational philosophies too.  Also check your library to see if they have her book: 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.
  • Homeschool Complete Curriculum Review –   The Homeschool Complete Curriculum is a unit study based curriculum with a difference. The program integrates all the subjects for you whenever appropriate, as well as providing specific instructions for plenty of hands-on experiments and projects for each topic. It leaves you flexibility in several ways while also providing very specific instruction on how to teach each subject to your child at home. Skills lists are provided with both the individual units and the yearly bundles so you can assess which units are within your child’s educational range.
  • Surprise Ride – these hands-on kits are a great supplement to any homeschool program and great learning tools for unschooling.
  • Homeschool Reviews

Please note that I don’t sell any of these curricula and I don’t have any affiliate links on this site. If I review something and blog about it, it is because I like it and would use it. These links are just to refer you to websites where you can view some of the many choices NC homeschoolers have in choosing curriculum – the fact that I listed them here doesn’t imply that I am endorsing them. If I like a product or service or it is one that I have used, I usually will make note of that for you as well. I hope you find this information helpful! ~ Merit, Editor for NC Homeschool-ology


Links or Contact Information for  Local Stores in North Carolina

These links are for stores listed by county that carry homeschool materials, supplies, curriculum or books new and used. It may also include North Carolina based homeschool book providers who do business mainly online.

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