It’s weird but when you start a family, everyone wants to offer advice and tell you what to do with your baby.

When you make the decision to homeschool your children, it happens all over again.

Suddenly, everyone is an expert on your kids!

Always Use Your Own Discretion!


Just take a deep breath and remember to use your own discretion – you know your family and your children’s needs better than anyone.

There are a ton of resources that will help to equip you to provide your children with the best education for them. You and your family are going to have a great journey of learning together.

As long as we are home educators, you & I will always need to remember to use our own wisdom to make those decisions.

As we maneuver the myriad of voices on the Internet and in our Homeschool Support Groups (you do have a Homeschool Support Group right?) who all want to tell you the BEST way to homeschool your children, or who want to sell you their curriculum or their services –  we should appreciate their interest in helping- but always rely on our own best judgement.


That goes for my blog too.  I offer information, reviews, and my own opinions about activities and products here.

I hope that you find Homeschool-ology a valuable resource, but I am by no means THE expert on homeschooling your children  ~ that title belongs to you.

I check out all the links that I post here and do not recommend a product or service unless it is something I would use (or have used) for my own family.

I enjoy telling people about curriculum or products that may help them homeschool so sometimes there will be reviews posted.  I may include links or advertisements to help cover the costs of hosting and maintaining the website.  I may receive a free DVD, book or other product to review and I may receive payment for the time I take to examine and consider each product before I post my honest review and promote items or curriculum to you.

I will always disclose my personal interest.

Lots of times I just like something that I purchased myself and want to let you know about it because it might be just what you were looking for and I will let you know that.

This website is a work in progress and since I work full-time, I do not have as much time as I like to indulge in blogging or organizing the links on the site. If you find links that are broken or need to be updated, please let me know so I can keep it current for those searching for homeschool resources. I really appreciate your help with this!

Leave me a note in the “comments” section or EMAIL ME with questions, updates, or if you have an educational event or resource you want me to post about.

~ Merit K

4 Responses

  1. Tricia Fish says:

    I would like to tutor homeschoolers for the verbal parts of the SAT or the ACT. I can also offer college counseling . I taught these subjects plus English at Greensboro Day School for 36 years. I charge $45.00 an hour and have flexible schedules.
    I live across from Proelific Park: 5401 Tory Hill Drive.
    Phone: (336)288-7062

    • Merit Kirkpatrick says:

      Hi Tricia – thanks for letting us know of your tutoring services. I approved your comment here on the blog (in case you didn’t realize you were not messaging me, but were posting). Let me know if you have a website address so I can add you to our homeschooler services online database – if you want to email me, Merit@nchomeschoolinfo.com

  2. Tammy Wiles says:

    I have a 14-year-old daughter who I need to enroll. How do I get information about enrollment, cost, requirements and so forth? My name is Tammy Wiles and my daughter is Katie Wiles. My contact information is 336-413-0628 and twiles@mvts.net. I am very serious about enrolling her in classes this year.

    • Merit K says:

      Tammy – you will need to complete a Notice of Intent to Homeschool. That can be found on the NCDNPE website here: http://www.ncdnpe.org/registration/hhh110a.aspx. You will need to file that in JULY- no forms are accepted there in May or June and there is no cost to begin homeschooling. Your only costs would be related to curriculum, classes or other educational activities. This blog doesn’t have any “classes” you can sign up for, but if you follow links that you will find here to local homeschool groups or to local co-ops, you will find lots of information on costs and on how to enroll with them. We just give out the information on the events and activities that are going on in our state. Hope this helps you to find a good group!

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