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15 Responses

  1. Courtney Porter says:

    Greetings! I have a 5000 sqft performing arts facility in the downtown area that also all types of dance, voice lessons, piano and tumbling. How can I connect with homeschoolers to offer classes, programming and space?

    • Merit Kirkpatrick says:

      Hi Courtney – thanks for thinking of connecting with home educators. I would be glad to post about your facility & classes. Contact me at (or call me – phone # is on the website pages)- I would love to know more about what you offer!

  2. T Lamb says:

    Hi! I saw you had the NC public high school graduation requirements on your site, but you did not link to the corresponding state college entrance requirements, While it’s good to know what sort of public schools’ competition your homeschoolers have when applying to college, it’s also worthwhile knowing that you do not have to worry over some of their details, like their year of earth or environmental science if you have focused on biology, chemistry, and physics or what they consider world history and two years of American history (when state universities only require one year of American history and one additional social studies course).

  3. Tanya Dickens says:

    STEM Prep Academy (Serving the Triad Area)

    We use STEM as a tool to teach critical, analytical, and out-of-the-box thinking skills. We also utilize a variety of life skills to adequately prepare them for life both now and in the future as adults. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

    Can you please add our co-op to your homeschool support groups

    • Merit Kirkpatrick says:

      Thanks Tanya for this and for your email with the link – I am adding your program right now – keep me updated 🙂

  4. Rob Dean says:

    I am a Home-Schooler parent and with all the difficulties I have experienced with the Public School system I decided to create a Petition to the Federal Government. Please read it and sign … Thank you again
    Rob Dean

    • Merit Kirkpatrick says:

      Hi Rob – it is great that you are getting involved in speaking out about home education. I reviewed your petition and it appears to me that it is not really the type of legislation that homeschoolers in general would be interested in pursuing or supporting, simply because it invites regulation of homeschooling and the creation of a government curriculum which is pretty much what we see as part of the problem with the U.S. education system. The reason most of us chose the alternative of funding our kids education ourselves and committing to teaching them at home is to provide the best quality personalized education for them that is possible. What you are suggesting the government provide will not be conducive to the type of individualized educations most homeschooled children receive under current homeschooling regulations. I love that you want to see more opportunities for home educated kids, but I don’t support the government providing those opportunities. More government intervention in our public schools has resulted in a system that is in great need of reform. I would hate to see home educating parents bear the same burdens as public school teachers are dealing with in trying to teach our kids well.

  5. Good Afternoon,

    Summers are meant to be fun. Forsyth Tech is offering a four week summer enrichment program for youth ages 8-13. From concept to creation, students at Destination Forsyth Tech will turn their ideas into finished products which can include bringing their favorite Minecraft characters to life in a short animated film, designing their own app game or creating one-of-a-kind art. We are also offering Babysitting FUNdamentals for 12-15 and College Essay writing class. Here’s a link to our program:

    • Merit Kirkpatrick says:

      Thanks for this information Tanya – I am adding it to the web posts so people can find it – looks like there will be some amazing classes!

  6. Lisa says:

    Hi, I have a daughter in 10th grade in nc. There are alot of things going on and she’s not doing good in school. We have been talking about home schooling her. Me and my husband both work and can’t afford to quit work. Can my daughter do independent study or online classes until I get home from work and do work on weekends when I’m off. Thank you

  7. Sean umberger says:

    I was wondering what are the requirements homeschooling your child? I have a 9 year old who will be going into the 4th grade, and just wondering what all I need to get her started in home school.

    • Merit Kirkpatrick says:

      Sean, take a look at the home page link to “How to Homeschool” in NC. There are links there to the NCDNPE where you can get even more details, but the basics are all right there on our page.

  8. M Long says:

    Once you have submitted your letter of intent, how long will it take for your new homeschool to be approved?

    • Merit Kirkpatrick says:

      Hey there – the NCDNPE doesn’t approve or reject your homeschool – they will send you an email once you sign up online and tell you how to submit your proof of high school diploma and then you will get your school ID number and listing. Should only take a short while since it is all onine now. According to their website, you should hear from them within 10 days.

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