High School

Homeschooling High School in North Carolina

More and more parents are realizing that home education is a great choice for their teens.

Allowing our kids to learn at home for high school enables them to have more time for creative and “real-life” activities and a focus on independent learning experiences gives them the opportunity to learn skills that will enable them to do well in college academic life!

I have included a number of resources on the website to help you with homeschooling for high school in NC including curriculum reviews, information on how to create transcripts, course descriptions, articles on planning, tips on grading, getting into and paying for college and more.

I hope you will explore the website and that you will find those articles helpful.

Part of the reason for this website is to make it clear that homeschooling offers great opportunities and that students don’t have to miss out on anything in order to homeschool through high school.

High School Home Education

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If you take a look around the website it will soon become obvious that the socialization question doesn’t have to be an issue – students of all ages can participate in educational events, field trips, extracurricular activities, sports.

Home schooled high schoolers don’t have to miss out on any academics or on the social milestones of high school life including, band, sports, community service, homecoming dances and proms.

Homeschooled teens often have more time to interact and communicate with both their peers and the public than their public and private schooled counterparts. Certainly they don’t have a lack of opportunities in our state!

Here are some links that might interest you and your high school students…


Homeschooling High School Resources

These are links to resources that can be found online or in your area that will help you to homeschool for high school.


Homeschool Honor Society

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