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Homeschool Support is one of the most important things to find when one decides to teach their child at home.  I hope that you will find a group that will be a great fit for your family.

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There are four different group pages listed in the Menu, so if you don’t find the type of group you are looking for on this page, try one of the others:

NC Homeschool-ology Discussion Groups

Have questions or concerns about homeschooling in NC? Want to know where to start? Wondering how to network and connect with others in your area of the state? Please join us for conversations about styles of home education, resources & activities in your area.

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Staying Current

It can be really frustrating to run into outdated or broken links when you are searching for homeschool support, so I update links & pages as things come to my attention that should be added or updated.

I would love to add your activity, class or support group contact information so that North Carolina homeschoolers can find you!

Your suggestions for this page are always welcome and if you have found it helpful, I hope you leave a comment to let me know – that keeps me going!


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18 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    If one decided to use an online private school is a letter of intent needed

    • Merit K says:

      Hi Elizabeth – NC law does not allow “umbrella” schools, so you do need to establish your homeschool by sending the DNPE your Notice of Intent to Homeschool. According to the DNPE, even if you are enrolling and using an online program’s materials etc., you fall under the homeschool category. From the NCDNPE Handbook: “Enrollment in Distance Learning Programs” – “A North Carolina family may legally enroll its students in a distance learning program (such as a correspondence, internet-based, or audio/video program), and utilize that organization’s textbooks, curriculum, learning materials, etc.
      However, if the student is at least age 7 but not yet age 16 (age 18 if the student wishes to obtain/retain a North Carolina driver’s license), the family must first establish its own North Carolina home school by
      listing it with DNPE. When doing so, the family must list the parent/guardian’s name as the home school owner, chief administrator and instruction provider as well as the parent/guardian’s address and telephone number (NOT that of the distance learning program). On an on-going basis from that point, the family must always then satisfy all of North Carolina’s home school laws—including the maintenance of the state mandated home school records at the home school site. “

  2. Searching says:

    home school (It’s 2 words people.. do the spell check! The word “homeschool” is not in any dictionary, with or without a hyphen) That said, I’ve been a home school member for many years. It would be really nice if the different home school associations would actually include an active phone number. Emails are never returned. I’ve sent many. NONE were ever answered. I suppose you should forget Home school if you don’t know the right person or attend the proper church. It would be nice if someone would open one in the Mocksville / Forsyth County area that was friendly and easy to reach. Ask yourself this: what other association sends you straight to payment page when you inquire about the organization? What other organization expects you to send funds prior to speaking with said organization? I don’t mean to sound harsh but after hours of forms and endless emails unanswered it makes one annoyed to say the least.

    • Merit K says:

      Hi Yazz Mom “Homeschooling” (one word) is a moniker that was decided upon by proponents of educating children at home and it is perfectly appropriate to write it either as one word or to write it as two words. It is a matter of preference. I am sorry you are frustrated. This site doesn’t have any payment page on it, so I am not sure how to address your comment. If you are looking for a support group, there are several in Davie and Forsyth Counties, you should check the link section. FHE is a group you can join online for only $10 and TEACH is a group in Davie County that would love to add you to their free Yahoo group. Just follow the links I have provided here (scroll down the sidebar). If for some reason you can’t find them on the side bar, you can search this website by county to find information on the group’s activities. Good Luck to ya!

    • Merit K says:

      I don’t have any idea which organization sends you to a “payment page”. TEACH charges no membership fee ( and I have been blessed by membership in FHE for many years- they are very helpful and have never charged anyone to answer questions about home education. Go to their contact page and someone can get back to you with information about the group and answer any questions you may have:

  3. chelle says:

    Hi, I’m getting ready to pull my daughter out of public school for a number of reasons to home school. I have to admit, I’m scared at the prospect, but I have to feel that its for the best. What’s the best way to transition?

    • Merit K says:

      Hi Chelle! I can think of a couple of things you might want to try in order to transition your student into a homeschool situation. 1) Allow the student a light schedule of core academics, initially and participate in a lot of activities in a homeschool support group and give them time to do a hobby. This will help them to make new friends so that they do not feel they are “missing out” or socially isolated, and it gives them time to think “creatively” which they have not been encouraged to do while in the school system. Build up to a full academic schedule slowly to give them time to digest their new lifestyle. for some kids it can be a huge change- especially our social butterflies 🙂 2) Unschool for a season of time- sometimes this is called de-schooling. You take the student to field trips and to the library, allowing them to chose subject matter and providing hands-on activities. This is not “watching TV all day”, but might include allowing them to watch educational videos and documentaries and reading library books, instead of using textbooks. You are simply guiding the student toward educational fun instead of allowing them to play video games all day and/or stifling them with a strict routine when they just got out of that system. For your free thinkers, this is the taste of intellectual freedom that will ensure they never want to go back to “school”! Please let us know how this goes- I would love to hear back from you!

  4. Amy Stockard says:

    How does the graduation work?

    • Merit K says:

      Hi Amy- Graduation in NC works like this; your registered homeschool is considered to be a private school for the purposes of graduation. Students are expected to be awarded credit for their homeschool and co-op classes by that school. We can create an official transcript which shows our grading scale, credits awarded, student GPA, community service hours, and graduation date expected. My daughter’s college had additional requirements (UNC-School of the Arts) which they told me up front, such as a certain number of credit hours and the requirement that I turn in to them course descriptions so that they could see what my daughter had been learning in her high school years.

      I used the grading scale of the county in which I live and used the NC public schools’ scope and sequence to be sure that I was including all the courses that she would need to be accepted into a state college.

      Hope this helps- post here, or email me if you have any other questions. Merit

  5. Lori says:

    Thanks for including me in your post!

  6. Please add this to your announcements. ERMP intends to more fully integrate homeschooled students into our organizations over the next decade. This is a first step:

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