Charlotte Museum of History Hosts Fall Homeschool Day

Fall Homeschool Day


How did people in the  eighteenth century celebrate the fall season? 

Would you believe with wild beef, pickled cauliflower, and pumpkins?

Information & Registration

Join the Charlotte Museum of History on Monday October 30th for Fall 2017’s Homeschool Day.

OCTOBER 30, 2017

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Charlotte Museum of History invites all homeschoolers to journey to the Piedmont of the past for a highly interactive three-hour program.

Students will learn how families of the late 18th century prepared for winter, preserved food, harnessed resources, and celebrated the coming of a new season. They will bring home souvenirs of the fun, hands-on learning activities from their day at the Museum.

This event is open to all homeschool families, as well as any other families looking for a fun adventure on a Teacher Work Day.

Activities are appropriate for all ages, but there will also be special activities for toddlers through Pre-K.

For questions about the curriculum or logistics of Homeschool Day at the Charlotte Museum of History, please contact Education Specialist Lauren Wallace by calling 704-568- 1774 or EMAIL.


Space is limited so you may want to register online HERE right away!

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