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How to Get Around the Website

This website has many free resources including, information on how to homeschool in North Carolina, how to find tests, support groups, extracurricular activities, field trips, team sports and more.

Resources That Will Answer Your Questions

  • Pages with “How to Information” – these are pages that address your frequently asked questions. Get to them using the drop down Menu at the top right hand corner of the Home Page. Look for the “Menu” and then hover over it to see what pages are available. The Menu should stay at the top of your page even as you navigate to different areas of the website, so just scroll back up to the top.
  • Posts About Events – go to these from the Home Page by clicking the post picture.  You can also navigate with the arrows at the end of each page.
  • Articles – look at the home page for articles that will help you teach various subjects and reviews of specific curricula and educational products.
  • Search – search the website by typing your search request into the search bar at the bottom of the home page or on the side bar of any of the blog post pages.
  • “Clicking” – on links in posts will take you to email a contact person directly or to other pages on the website. Sometimes links take you to other websites for more information about events.

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If you don’t want to miss web pages or events when they are added, leave me your email address and I will send updates to your email inbox.

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Categories & Definitions

You will find links for different subjects and categories at the top of each post.

Click on the tags, or categories to see more posts that fit into that category. You will see these listed in light blue italics under the post’s title and before the text of each article I post.

Check each of the pages for lists of links. I have tried to organize by county, or area, for each different category.

  • Homeschool Support Groups at that page are usually listed by the county or NC region they are located in
  • Sports Teams List – at the Sport Page
  • Homeschool Help – find links to other pages, information on learning styles and styles of teaching
  • Scope & Sequence – find links to resources that help you stay on track and avoid skill gaps
  • Testing Requirements – this page has information on how to test, as well ad links to those who do year-end testing for NC Homeschoolers and diagnostic testing.
  • Classes & Co-ops – you will find those links at the page in the Menu
  • High School –  links to high school resources including Proms and Dances. There are secondary pages for high schoolers too that will help with your Planning and Driver’s Education.
  • Unschooling – support groups and links to resources for unschoolers.
  • Secular Resources – links to groups that specifically state they are secular and links to resources that do not have a religious component.
  • Extracurricular – this page contains links to places you may want to visit for field trips or for art, music, dance, and other extra curricular activities.


Thanks for visiting the NC Homeschool-ology website. I hope that you will find it helpful.

I am always improving and updating the website and the links, so there are lots more links and resources than I can mention here, but I did want to point out some of the ways you may get around the website to find information that will answer your questions about home education in our amazing state!

As always, shoot me your questions if you can’t find an answer on the website.

And, this site is meant to be a homeschool community resource, so please tell me about events, activities or products that you have found to be helpful so that we can help each other to give our kids the best educational experiences possible.

Thanks for helping me get more homeschool information to more North Carolina homeschoolers!

Ask a Question or Send Me Your Event or Group Information:

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